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A creative animation & visual effects Studio in Dubai

Barajoun Entertainment is a leading animation & visual effects Studio in the MENA region, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Barajoun is born out of great passion for storytelling, art and innovative technologies, bringing to life enchanting stories and lovable characters.

Our technical capabilities allow us to create a full suite of animation and CGI productions from concept design to final render.

We are proud of our technical capabilities but what really sets us apart is our passion for storytelling. In the world of fiction narrative, some argue that technology is but a better pencil and is the story, that gives life to technology.

Our digital artists are unique in areas of visual effects production, including concept art, modeling, animation, crowd generation, tool development and compositing.

For stories are a unique way of communication that have the ability to transcend time and space. By doing so, they help shape cultures and societies.

We create the illusion of Life!

Hello Mibsters!

Our inspiration

In case you were wondering, BARAJOUN in our language means MARBLES!

Have you ever played with marbles? If yes, then you already know quite a bit about mibs. If you’re among the people who have no idea what that means, stick around as we explore the history of marbles / barajouns.

Believe it or not, but no one really knows where marbles originated. It is probably fair to say that in one form or another, they have been around almost as long as mankind. They’ve been found in the ashes of Pompeii and in the tombs of ancient Egyptians (dated around 4000 BC), and they were played with by Native American tribes, so it’s impossible to pin down a precise country of origin.

As time went on, the games of marbles towered to such a height in popularity all over the world that for a long period, they overshadowed other sports! They furnished amusement for children, competitive sport among the youngsters, and were a pastime of almost universal choice with the elders.
Playing with marbles is a medium of entertainment to all generations and different social classes.

Since the world can remember, Barajoun is global entertainment, accessible to all!

Team Credits

At Barajoun Entertainment, we are connecting talent to opportunity.

Our Team embraces international talents from twenty-two different nationalities, who have spanned the globe working on distinguished projects.

The miscellany of our squad’s experiences is dominant in the accomplishment of our ventures as we constantly try to see with innovative eyes.

The studio is truly a place where imaginatively brilliant and technically adroit people from the globe are gathered to create prodigious results together.

For over two decades, our team members have been producing assets & visual effects seen in over 100 feature films.

Credits range from blockbuster films, amazing games, cinematics,
spectacular theme park content and award winning character models.




Iron Man

Harry Potter

The Expendables

Pirates of the Caribbean

Lord of the Rings

A Christmas Carol

Kung Fu Panda

The Matrix

Dragons – Riders of Bern

White House Down


Assault on Wall Street



The Avengers


Some interesting facts about us


Our aim is to tactic the client’s desire with innovative solutions!

Our animation and visual effects facilities are among
the largest and most cutting-edge in the MENA region.

In a digital world everything is possible,
whatever realm you can imagine, we can craft.
From immersive, photo real environments to real life characters.

At Barajoun Entertainment, all our artists are connected,
online and in real time. Hence that concept, modeling, matte painting,
animation and compositing can work together, shaping each element;
layer and image into the perfect seamless shot.

We modify our production pipelines to fit specific jobs.
For our clients, this means a custom-built solution –
on budget, on time, and quality above all.



Pre visualization & Animatics


Character  Design & Sculpting


Concept Design & Matte Painting


3D Animation & Stereoscopic Animation


3D Tools Development


Crowd Replication


Visual Effects & Simulation


On Set Visual Effect Supervision


Motion Graphics and Compositing


Theme Park & Gaming Content Design


3d animation & production



One boy will challenge everything.



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